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Programs Offered

Our programs are updated annually to keep up with the ever changing industry.


Immerse yourself in the ultimate skincare education with a transformative course by Beauty & Vogue. Led by industry experts, this comprehensive journey combines cutting-edge science and practical expertise to help you craft a personalized skincare routine tailored to your clients needs. Dive into the scientific foundations of skincare, master advanced techniques, and embrace a holistic approach that extends to sustainable beauty practices. Choose Beauty & Vogue for an unparalleled learning experience that empowers you to become one of the best estheticians.



Discover the art of healing touch with our Massage Mastery course, offered by experts in the field at Beauty & Vogue. Whether you're a beginner seeking new skills or a professional aiming to refine your practice, this course will guide you through the intricacies of various massage techniques, anatomy, and client well-being. Immerse yourself in a transformative learning experience that combines theory and hands-on training, empowering you to deliver therapeutic massages that promote relaxation, rejuvenation, and holistic healing. Join us to unlock the power of touch and embark on a journey towards becoming a skilled and compassionate massage practitioner.



Explore the world of eyelash extensions and become an expert at designing gorgeous, personalized lash styles that accentuate your inherent beauty. This comprehensive training, taught by top-tier lash specialists at Beauty & Vogue, covers everything from the anatomy of lashes and safety precautions to the intricacies of various extension styles and adhesive methods. With practical experience and personalized coaching, you will acquire the skills and trust in yourself necessary to create flawless lash looks that display confidence and glamour for your clients. Come discover your potential in the thriving lash industry and start your journey to become a highly sought-after lash artist by joining our program.



With our carefully crafted Creative Nail Design course, ideal for aspiring nail technicians and beauty enthusiasts, you can explore the exciting field of nail art. This extensive training offers thorough insights into nail anatomy, cleanliness standards, and a variety of nail augmentation techniques, all under the guidance of skilled nail artists at Beauty & Vogue. You will develop the abilities and artistic flare necessary to create fascinating nail looks that highlight individual styles and current trends, from traditional manicures to cutting-edge nail art. You'll have the assurance of providing professional nail services that leave clients with noticeable Instagram-worthy nails thanks to extensive theory and detailed hands-on instruction. Come learn the craft of nail design from us and build a successful career in the ever-evolving beauty business.



With our carefully crafted Makeup Mastery course, ideal for both aspiring makeup artists and beauty fans, you may unleash your creative potential and venture into the field of makeup artistry. This extensive curriculum takes you on an immersive journey through skincare principles, colour theory, makeup methods, and the art of enhancing natural beauty, all under the guidance of top industry makeup professionals at Beauty & Vogue. With the ability to create stunning editorial looks and polish the foundation blend, you will get the artistic flair and abilities necessary to turn faces into canvases of self-expression. You will learn to prioritize skin health while creating flawless makeup applications if you put a lot of effort into prepping your skincare routine and using high-quality products. With practical application and in-depth theory, you will acquire the confidence to design looks that complement different personalities and embrace a range of trends.  Come release your cosmetics passion, learn skills that are applicable to the industry, and start a thrilling career in the fast-paced beauty and artistic fields.



With our in-person microblading course, take a transforming trip into the field of face aesthetics artistry. This practical training program is designed for professionals in the beauty industry and aspiring estheticians who are keen to learn the precise art of microblading. The course covers fundamental procedures, eyebrow design ideas, and the most recent developments in microblading tools and pigments. It is taught by highly qualified instructors with notable industry experience. Through in-person demos, one-on-one coaching, and hands-on activities, participants will acquire the skills and confidence necessary to produce beautiful, natural-looking results. Come learn the techniques for perfectly shaped eyebrows that will boost your clients' self-esteem and beauty.



With our Med Beauty Mastery course, designed for professionals who want to succeed in the industry of cosmetic operations and treatments, learn the field of medical aesthetics. This program combines advanced methods, anatomy knowledge, patient safety standards, and ethical considerations under the guidance of experienced medical beauty practitioners at Beauty & Vogue. Gaining the knowledge and skills necessary to provide clients with life-changing outcomes that put their safety and well-being first will provide you with the ability to perform procedures like Botox and dermal fillers, as well as laser therapies and non-surgical rejuvenation. With a strong emphasis on patient consultation and personalized treatment plans, you'll learn to create tailored solutions that enhance individual beauty while maintaining a natural appearance. With practical instruction and modern theory, you will acquire the confidence to offer exceptional medical beauty services that enable customers to feel and look their best. Join us in the evolution of medical aesthetics, where science and art converge to shape the future of beauty and well-being.

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