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Career Options

Whether you aspire to work in top spas, and clinics, or even start your own beauty business, Beauty & Vogue prepares you with the expertise and confidence to turn your passion into a successful and satisfying career.

List of Possible Occupations

Graduates from Beauty & Vogue's esthetician courses can explore a range of exciting occupations. These are a list of possible professions, students are not limited to these options.


As an esthetician, you'll start a fulfilling profession that is dedicated to improving the appearance and well-being of customers by offering professional skincare procedures, tailored beauty consultations, and specialty services like facials, waxing, and microblading. This will help each person you work with feel more confident and take care of themselves.

Professional Spa Therapist

As a Professional Spa Therapist, you will provide restorative and rejuvenating spa experiences. You will offer a variety of therapeutic treatments, including but not limited to massages, and you will create a calm haven where self-care and relaxation are given priority.

Micro-dermabrasion Specialist

As a Micro-Dermabrasion Specialist, you apply accuracy and experience to execute microdermabrasion treatments that exfoliate and revitalize the skin. You specialize in sophisticated skincare techniques. As a skincare specialist, you will evaluate each client's specific needs, use specialized equipment, and administer individualized care to improve skin texture, minimize flaws, and encourage a beautiful complexion.

Skin Care Technician

As a Skin Care Technician, you play a vital role in helping clients achieve and maintain healthy, radiant skin. Your knowledge extends to customized skincare advice, facials, and the use of specialty products, enhancing the general well-being and confidence of individuals pursuing expert skincare services.

Nail Care Technician

As a nail care technician, your area of expertise is providing skilled nail care services to improve the appearance of hands and feet. Your job includes pedicures, manicures, nail art, and treatments. You create nails for your clients that are not only beautiful to look at but also healthy and well-groomed, encouraging self-expression and confidence in every little detail.

Make-Up Artist

As a Makeup Artist, you are the creative force behind transforming faces into stunning works of art. For a variety of occasions and events, you enhance natural beauty, express personality, and boost your customers' confidence and self-esteem through the deft application of makeup methods, colour theory, and creativity.

Cosmetic sales

As a Cosmetic Sales Professional, you play a crucial role in the beauty industry by connecting customers with quality cosmetic products. Your area of expertise is helping customers choose the ideal cosmetics that highlight their features and express their individual styles through in-person consultations, product demos, and suggestions. Your love of beauty and product expertise provides for a pleasurable and positive shopping experience that helps you build enduring relationships with clients.

Esthetics School Instructor

If you find teaching more satisfying, as an Ethetician School Instructor, you are a guiding force in shaping the next generation of skincare professionals. Using your esthetics knowledge, you mentor and encourage students by providing them with extensive coursework, practical instruction, and one-on-one mentoring, helping them develop their abilities in skincare, makeup application, nail care, and other specialty areas. As you impart not only technical skill but also a profound comprehension of client care, industry trends, and professional ethics, you play a critical role in setting up future estheticians for professional success.

Laser Therapist

As a laser therapist, your area of expertise is applying cutting-edge laser technology to deliver secure and efficient skincare procedures. In this position, you will evaluate the needs of your clients, provide laser treatments for skin renewal, hair removal, and other dermatological issues, and watch out for their health and happiness. Your knowledge mixes technical mastery with a dedication to producing life-changing outcomes, boosting the confidence and satisfaction of people looking for cutting-edge skincare remedies.

Massage Therapist

As a massage therapist, you are skilled in the therapeutic art of touch and use a range of massage techniques to help your customers feel more at ease, reduce stress, and treat physical discomfort. As part of your job, you will evaluate each person's needs, develop individualized treatment programs, and apply a therapeutic touch to improve general well-being. You contribute to a comprehensive approach to health by fusing sophisticated methods with empathy and client-centred care, positively influencing the emotional and physical well-being of the people you serve.

Start Your Career Now!

Starting a new career requires new knowledge. Come join us at Beauty & Vogue Esthetician College to learn new skills now!

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